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Happy Index is our easy-to-use digital tool that covers both sides of the coin - happy members and attracting new sponsors.

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This is how a team uses Happy Index.

The team uses Happy Index for free as they got one of our 40 sponsored spots. The team initially rolled Happy Index out as a pilot project for only one team.

The team's coach gave a short introduction to the app and then sent a download link to the members' parents. We'd already imported a list of members to make the onboarding quick and easy. The pilot was running less than a week after the club first signed up.

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Instant results with real-time analytics

Over the next weeks, members of the pilot team received pulsed questions after each practice asking them to comment on their well-being. In the beginning, members only answered the questions, but after a few weeks, they also started leaving anonymous comments.

The coach was able to analyse overall wellbeing in his team in real-time and quickly realised that happiness had been decreasing. 2 months into using Happy Index, he identified the issue: one member left an anonymous comment that he felt his team members were being too critical whenever he made a mistake during a game.

This was all the coach needed to raise the issue with his team in the next session and start dealing with the problem. He took the time to talk to each member individually and made sure to track progress afterwards with Happy Index. The well-being improved already with the next session.

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Club Culture

From Pilot to part of the club culture

The coach shared his experience with the club management. They decided to start using Happy Index for all of their teams.

Because coaches are now able to identify and react to issues in their team much quicker, overall well-being has increased. ClubHippo has also been able to develop their relationship with the Happy Index sponsor which made it possible for them to invest in more team activities.

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Increased transparency for parents

The team now communicates the wellbeing of its members to parents via email every quarter. When there are issues, the club also provides an overview of what actions coaches are currently taking to improve. The club also takes the opportunity to highlight what the teams have been working on during the past quarter. This increased level of transparency engages parents in club activities.

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There's no good reason not to use Happy Index. It's free for clubs, as long as there are sponsored spots left - and we're adding new spots all the time.

The app is quickly set up, easy to use, and fully anonymous.

Happy Index is your gateway to happier members and new sponsors. Grab a sponsored spot today and get started for free!

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